13 April 2000


The expelled artist Matt Burt is denied residence permit from the Foreign Affairs Office with, amongst others, this reason: “…the projects he possibly participates in concerns CD recordings and a text/sound/video project, not visual arts which is the applicant’s field of specialty in arts”. An amazing reason which demands many answers. Matt Burt will speak his cause by performing a piece named “Freeport”. The work is a 30 minutes long collection of softly spoken word-images accompanied by a pump organ, inspired by Chögyam Trungpa, John Cage and Allen Ginsberg.

These days, the art world of Norway discusses the need for organizing an apparatus capable of distributing art abroad and receiving artists from abroad. This makes fighting the bureaucracy that does not see Matt Burt’s value, his extensive network and obvious contributions to Norwegian art and culture, a quite morbid situation.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

The archive has very little information about this event!
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