30 January – 7 March 2004


UKS has the pleasure of presenting Mats Andersson’s first solo exhibition in Norway. Andersson will show four works where the opposition between individual and surroundings is a common problematic.

The four-meter tall installation Meeting with Félicité (1999) is made of MDF, wood, and glass. The installation forms a diorama with a staircase that seems big enough to climb. The staircase curves upwards and the steps become smaller and smaller.

Teatro del Dongo (2003) is an architectural model. On its backside hangs the story of Fabricio del Dongo – the main character in Stendahl’s The Charterhouse of Parma.

Untitled (2002) is an architectural model in glass and wood. Here, the artist touches on architectural themes and their function in relation to monumentality. The work also poses questions surrounding openness and exclusiveness, front- and backside.

In the 28-minute long video installation Norfolk Island Pine (2001) the artist sits himself in front of the camera. His back is turned to the viewer, sitting still and letting people pass by him. The video is recorded in Copenhagen’s botanical garden and raises humorous questions as to what is being filmed – the artist to the left or the pine trees to the right? The passersby can’t seem to make sense of it.

[excerpt, translated]

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