4 March – 3 April 2005


UKS has the pleasure of hosting the opening of Lina Viste Grønli’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition title shares its name with the sculpture Ferdig/Finished (2005). As of this writing, it is a contradiction in terms to write Ferdig (“Finished”) in italic with a year behind it, denoting a work of art. The work is not yet such a thing. Neither finished, nor a “work.” The letters spelling out the word “finished,” are chest high. The finished Finished will be the result of the artist “putting the last touch on the piece.” In the same gesture, this theme is actualised and communicates with ongoing discussions on the supposed de-objectification process of art.

Hindrance as theme, as well as specific institution-critical aspects are present already at the entranceway to UKS. A double staircase makes visitors feel the “threshold” of stepping into the gallery. The same thing repeats itself when one leaves the exhibition. In the reception area, a two meters tall sculpture of letters made from leca, shaped like the word IKKE (“DON’T”) can be found. The normal, accustomed passageway is now occupied by a defiant negation. The main room of the gallery is characterised by the work Cut it Out (2005). Despite the introduction of language- philosophical dimensions that need to be dealt with, Grønlis work demonstrates a straightforwardness that makes intellectualisation difficult, and possibly even unnecessary.

Curated by Trude Iversen

Lina_Viste_Gronli_2005_Press.zip (0.3mb)
Lina_Viste_Gronli_2005_Production.zip (0.3mb)

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