16 April 2010 – 16 April 2011


Recurring Individual Conversations

Do you need someone to talk to?

For one year Lars Cuzner offered fully confidential, one-to-one conversations, teetering four meters above the gallery floor, at UKS. Six participants signed up for conversations once a week for the full year. The conversations were not documented.

The room with the glass wall, which was placed three meters above the gallery floor, was a collaboration between Lars Cuzner and UKS director Linus Elmes.

The piece was quietly commenced during the Oslo Speculations seminar, April 16 – 17 at UKS and ended April 16, 2011, without ceremony. The box still stands.

Participants in the project:
Per Platou, Client, Artist, and curator. Co-ordinator for PNEK
Victoria Stewart, Client, Psychologist
Serina Erfjord, Client, Artist
Suzana Martins, Client, Program co-ordinator for 0047
Magnus Oledal, Client, Artist
Anna Ring, Client, Artist
Linus Elmes, Editor

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