20 – 27 June 2008



This is an exhibition which concerns itself with individuality and diversity and focuses on the importance of being conscious of the other and the distance between self and other. This distance can help visualize the individual, the experience can move in contexts which are positive, negative and neutral. This room, this exhibition and the accompanying catalogue open possibilities of combining experiences and wishes, to strive for unexpected processes, so that the work and the viewer, one by one by one by one, form a movement that can mix up, overlap and exceed our framework of understanding and create new rooms.
-Mads Gamdrup

Pernille Elida Fjoran
Ane Fornes
Anne Grefstad
Kristoffer Henriksson
Marianne Husnes
Elisabeth Kjellesvik
David Lamignan Larsen
Rina LIndgren
Love Evan Lundell
Robert K. Nilsen
Thomas Pedersen
Preben B. Solevåg
Ingvild Kjær Tofte
Kristin Tårnes
Anders Wighus

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