25 August – 24 September 2000


“UKS Gallery is opening the fall season with two simultaneous separate exhibitions.

Knut Henrik Henriksen works with different media, his focus being on drawing and sculpture. The sculpture is built with pinewood panels, stretching from floor to ceiling, placed in the big hall. As a sculptor, Henriksen works with non-functional, irrational walls where he gets his visual expression in the private, homely sphere and what you might call an intimate architecture. He is concerned with the materials’ cultural and psychological character and value.

Tommy Olsson refers to this e-mail correspondence concerning the exhibition at UKS: “Eh, pictures? Works on paper? Watercolors, drawings, and collage… figurative? (Classical that is, like the Nerdrum students). Does it have to be more specific? I looked through the material last night; looks like it’s going to be a quite ample exhibition. It revolves around Christine Keeler, choirs, pigs, cocaine and bisexual dwarfs… Don’t ask me to be more detailed, that will make it downright filthy.” ”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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