7 January – 6 February 2000


“Jannicke Låker presents two videos and a book. The video “9 1/2 Minutes” is brand new and not shown before. It is a monologue in the form of a video letter inspired by a love letter from a Nordic woman to an aid worker in a developing country. The occurrence of a jealousy tantrum drives the video into absurdity. The book consists of the video’s manuscript. The second video work named “Spiderwoman” is a performance video from 1998 where the artist has placed the camera to her stomach, crawling around harassing furniture with her crotch.

Liv Strand shows three sculptures consisting of day-to-day ordinary materials put in motion through mechanics and electrical engines. Each one of the sculptures is both a description and a concentrated part of human behavior. Strand searches for conditions and situations marked by ambivalence, where understanding and interpretation need to be complex.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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