2 November 2023, 5:00pm
UKS, Keysers gate 1

Information meeting about the Artist Assistant Scheme (Kunstnerassistentordningen)

Date: Thursday 2 November, 5–6pm
Venue: UKS, Keysers gate 1

The Artist Assistant Scheme (Kunstnerassisstentordningen) was proposed by UKS in 2014, as a part of a longer input to the Ministry of Culture regarding the artist economy. The proposal was supported by several other artist organizations and in October 2017 the scheme was announced by the Norwegian Arts Council for the first time. UKS has been interviewing some of the participating artists, both assistants and assisted artists, and gathered experiences and tips in the “9 TO 5 – A handbook for the Artist Assistant Scheme (Kunstnerassistentordningen)”

Thursday 2 November at 5 pm we invite you to UKS for an introduction to the scheme, including a presentation of the handbook consisting of handy information and advice for future assistants or assisted artists. The application deadline is 5 December 2023.


The event was held in in Norwegian. Recording is available here:

Click on the image below to download the handbook:

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