12 January – 11 February 2001


“Hyun-A. Ji presents an installation consisting of models made of wood, trowel, and acrylics. The models are based on shapes that can be described as homely – furniture, but also stylized figures and a dismantled wooden bicycle. The works are based on the shapes’ and material’s subjective and objective purpose and (dis)functionality. The keywords here are fetishism, personal stories and the material’s own expression detached from its original context and function.

Han Christian Gilje exhibits two works; One room contains film stills from Gilje’s Mountain series printed on a 150x120cm photo screen among smaller images with different themes. In the inner room we find “node III”, the third version of a metal well with represents a sort of collective memory and also a meeting place in time and space.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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