5 – 28 February 1999


“UKS presents the international artist group Henry VIII’s Wives, established in 1997 consisting of seven artists from Scandinavia, Britain, and Germany based in Glasgow. After tending studies of Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art, they produced several group exhibitions commencing on a process which now has led to UKS gallery. The group works actively with their surroundings, making each show a result of the space they are in which often leads to humorous expressions with serious underpinnings.

Bente Bøyesen presents her exhibition “Hjertelig hilsen” (“Warm greetings”) concerning ideas and illusions of portrait painting. Her works show female figures, a combination of known and unknown, clichés and types. The faces – persons – exist in the reality of the painting.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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