16 September – 16 October 2016
UKS, Louise Dany, Vorta & Sotahjørnet


Friday 16 September – Sunday 16 October, 2016
[NB. This exhibition took place under the auspices of former UKS Director Johanne Nordbye Wernøe—text and images follow the style sheet devised 2013–2016]

2015, artists Bjarne Bare, Ragna Bley, Mercedes Mühleisen, Sigbjørn Bratlie, Joar Nango, Emma Brack, and Apichaya Wanthiang were awarded a UKS travel grant. With the award came an invitation to participate in a group show: Roaming.

The project opens to the public on September 16 and will end with Oslo Art Weekend on October 14—16. The show is curated by Johanne Nordby Wernø and Agatha Wara will be guest producing.

*The extended text for this exhibition is in Norwegian only. Please click the side bar menu and choose “NO” to see the Norwegian text.

Images from the exhibition “Roaming”

Images from the exhibition “Roaming”

Images from the exhibition “Roaming”

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