8 – 31 January 1999



“Gisle Frøysland has worked within different disciplines for several years. His starting point as a musician in the 1980s led to working with performance art and installations where music and sound were central to the experience. Frøysland later developed larger sculptural installations with sound and video. The themes are linked to post-industrial society with strong references to the Futuristics’ ideas and expressions(…)

Joystuck III revolves around a problematization of the technological development versus human needs, ambitions, and influence. To what degree is technological advancement under human control? Do these innovations benefit human kind and contribute to a better world or are they only byproducts of war lords’ aggressive expansion? The exhibition invites the audience to participate. It is possible to experience a treadmill in a new context, video projections, and a real railway model.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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