23 – 25 August 2002


Force Majeure présent their new production Enslig Gran (Lonely Fir Tree) which consists of different technical installations feeding the audience graphic texts. Sound/image/action is generated by actor/viewer/technology in interaction. Four situations present different connections between text, viewer and actor – the actors consistently subject to the graphic text. The viewers’ perspective differentiates between the situation – from passive observation to a sort of guided participation.

Force Majeure has since June 1997 produced shows and performed on different scenes in different settings in Norway and abroad. Text has been the pivot point from the onset and now technology has become an integral part. The work is process-oriented and is presented in various versions. The focus rests on demonstrations of perspective rather than performing brilliance. The material is developed “in common”.

Actors: Saila Hytinnen, Håkon Lindbäck, Martin Lundberg, Daniel Norbäck, Cia Runesson, Anders Wennerström.

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