2 – 25 June 2000


Shin Myeong-eun & Taro Chiezo

“UKS gallery has the honor of presenting Shin Myeong-eun and Taro Chiezo. UKS continues to present international artists, this time we have chosen to focus on Japan.

Shin Myeong-eun, originally from Seoul, Korea, living in Tokyo, shows a series of photographies of stuffed animals, dogs, who float around under different skies and also the sculpture “Poodles”, stylized poodles in plastic. Her works deal with the dogs’ place in culture both as pets and icons. She addresses the special relationship people have to dogs in Japan and employs the dog as form and symbol for abstract feelings.

Taro Chiezo’s video “An Experiment: Robots Fall in Love / or not” shows colorful plastic robots, half-animal, half geometrical sculptures in suggestive, but clumsy attempts of hopeless relationships. The video consists of a scientific experiment involving five robots in an artificial garden. The robots were programmed to desire one another, but the experiment shows that robots resemble, but are quite different from people in function. Their intelligence work on another level.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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