14 October 2018, 2:00pm


Sunday, 14 October, 2-4pm
UKS, St. Olavs gate 3

Please join us this coming Sunday, 14 October at 2pm for the grand finale of Nora Turato’s ongoing and “live-only” performative production, Pool 2, and a first and fractioned display of oddities from UKS’ history.

Combining high-paced rhythm and shrill rhyme, Nora Turato’s carefully crafted monologue harvests images of high heels and hysteria, ventilating: “You can always tell when a woman is overdressed. Either she’s an outsider or she’s insane—but I think she’s insane.”

This very last of Turato’s over twenty live acts is followed by a first peek into the UKS archive. The patchwork presentation, covering early avant-garde “golden palette” awards to bleak 1980s budget cuts, inaugurates UKS’ archive space, newly designed by Studio Manuel Raeder. The last and the first await being swallowed or enjoyed with Sunday coffee and cake!

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