9 May – 15 June 2003


Farhad Kalantry shows his video installation, On a Bed of Blue, where a faceless naked person is presented on a bed of blue. The person is filmed from a bird’s perspective and the video is projected on the floor. This installation view creates an ethical dilemma forcing the viewer to relate to the subject projected. The video Tea House differs from the cold blue video installation and emerges as a melancholy work evolving around the idea of memory. Black and white photographical close-ups shows the tea house on the screen – no continuity, alternating and brief, the language of the film allows one to be the site for complex memories without offering any form of safety.

Antiværelse (Anti space) is the title of Anne Sophie Normann’s series of photographies and paintings. Familiar motives are zoomed in the paintings and the starting point for the photographies. This double-sided approach to homely scenes from immigrant life in France creates the basis for a sober interpretation of western and oriental interior, taste, likenesses, and differences. A photo of Hilary and Bill Clinton sitting at their lunch table from a home reportage from the sixties creates a starting point for all the series.

[excerpt, translated]

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