25 September – 18 October 2009


UKS presents the first three parallel exhibitions curated by our new director Linus Elmes. Three new film productions by three young Norwegian artists:

Elna Hagemann – Duet (2009) and Edward P. (2009)
Elna Hagemann’s films, Duet (2009) and Edward P. (2009), takes contemporary art practice into un-explored territory by crossing the genre border to opera. Her collaboration with two opera singers will be followed by another opera intervention later this autumn in the upcoming exhibition by Steinar Haga Kristensen at UKS. In the inner room Elna Hagemann gets involved in a dark sexually twisted homage to Tim Burton.

Kaja Leijon – Resonances (2009)
In previous works Kaja Leijon has explored how film as medium influences the way we perceive the world and how it affects the constitution of our attitudes. In her new film,Resonances (2009), she extend this exploration of consciousness and perception and deals with the relation between senses.

Jorunn Myklebust Syversen’s Violent Sorrow Seems a Modern Ecstasy No.2. (2009) present as another format but not present as such, this representation of cinematographic aesthetics extends the exhibition in time and space. This experiment with format of distribution is a collaborative project between UKS and Konst Bio. (Konst Bio is a project by the two Swedish curators Paola Zamora and Sofia Curman involving screening of video art and art film as opening short films prior to the screenings of main feature films at cinemas.)

Elna_Kaja_Jorunn_2009_Press.zip (1.2mb)

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