5 – 28 March 1999


“Elisabeth Mathisen’s artistry is mainly connected with performance, video and installation works. At UKS Gallery she presents drawings. There is a large variation over the theme, some based on ideas – formal and minimalistic with descriptive titles. Others complex and emotional representations of conditions, situations and uncomfortable traces of bodily memory. There are also recognizable shapes and figures subjected to alterations creating new associations.

Christel Sverre is known for her space-specific situationist installations. In this exhibition, she shows works made of mass-produced textiles, metal, stoneware and different sources of light. The installations appear as an orchestration of time, space and conditions where the body and atmosphere are absorbed in a cinematic visual language. Sverre uses elements from the everyday, memories and dreams offering new experiences and interpretations.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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