16 November – 16 December 2007


Curated by Ida Ekblad and Anders Nordby

Dear Cockettes is a tribute to the legendary extravagant gender-bending art/performance groups The Cockettes, who were active in San Francisco and New York during the 1960s and ’70s. For their rich visual material, boundary testing and mixing of genres like art, theatre, music, cabaret, performance and drag The Cockettes / Angels have become one of the most influential families of performers ever. They are credited as inspiration by everyone from designers John Gallioano & Marc Jacobs, musicians Anthony and The Johnsons, Sonic Youth, Alice Cooper & Devendra Banhart , artists Mike Kelley & Salvador Dali and filmmakers Alejandro Jodorowsky, Steven Arnold & John Waters. Allen Ginsberg (who performed with The Cockettes in Pickups Tricks), Truman Capote, Robert Raushenberg and Andy Warhol were some of their many fans.

Unique original material such as posters, vintage prints, magazine articles and parts of costumes will be shown in a museum installation. A film program with films concerning or with The Cockettes, as well as performances by Rumi Missabu, House of Egypt, Nils Bech and Stephan Dillemuth. The exhibition aims to present the Norwegian public with a broad and extensive survey of their work and will consist of four parts, photography, archive/museum, performance, and film program.

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