16 May 2024, 7:00pm
UKS, Keysers gate 1


Please join us on Thursday 16 May at 7pm for the sixth iteration of UKS’ event series COMMUNE – moulding the new UKS spaces in Keysers gate 1 into an artistic, theoretical and social meeting place with the help of a variety of local and international agents from the arts and cultural spheres.

On this evening, Dora García, visual artist and professor of Contemporary Art at KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, will present the result of an exercise of political imagination, titled art/commons, which took place at KHiO and UKS earlier this year together with students from KHiO. Two of the students, Terne Kirkegaard Ebdrup and Jesper Julius Severin Thonke, will take part in the public presentation.

art/commons looks at another art practice that refuses to observe the logics of market, capital and competition, in order to become a social practice of governing a resource (art) by a community of users that self-governs through the institutions that it creates. In this context, ‘commons’ can also refer to the construction of a world-image that represents everyone in the community without exclusions. This exercise is a part of a thematic course conducted by García, which tries to imagine how to constitute new forms of artistic practices, art schools and museums.

All are warmly welcome. The event will start straight after our current exhibition’s active mode closes, at 7pm – we encourage everyone to come earlier to catch this as well. The Minibar will be open!


*Image above: KHiO, Prosjekttorg, May 2024. Photo: Dora García

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