28 June – 13 August 2006


Behind Front Lines – the Art Academy’s MA Exhibition

Tone Bjordam, Margarida Paiva, Ida Ekblad, Simona Barbera, Olga Roboya, Kristine Afacan, Sverre Strandberg, Viktor Mutelekesha, Anders Langstrand, Anders Nordby, Therese Fische, Bjørn Breistøl Båsen, Solveig Syversen, Bjørn Erik Haugen, Petter Johannison, Marius von der Fehr

This year, the Art Academy has been part of public debate due to the board of KHIO’s decision to close down the Art Academy. Its students have been engaged in the debate through protest and action in a situation not far from trench warfare. It is now time to show people what is going on behind the front lines!

The exhibition “Behind Front Lines – the Art Academy’s MA Exhibition”, 16 students present strong, individual works that can be described as rougher, more intuitive – less conceptual – than what you have seen in recent MA exhibitions. There is still a critical distance to the artwork and an understanding of the individual as part of a bigger, public society.

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