14 September 2019, 2:00pm


This upcoming weekend the stage is set for Oslo kulturnatt (Oslo Culture Night) and Oslo Art Weekend. On this occasion, UKS presents two events revolving around the current exhibition on view—Mikael Brkic’s Fire and Forget—inviting all audiences to join us both Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday, 14 September, 2–4pm, during Oslo Art Weekend, UKS invites all to join us for a presentation and artist talk with Berlin and Oslo-based artist Mikael Brkic in the context of his exhibition Fire and Forget. During the talk Brkic will narrate the story of how he got tangled up in the tracks of the Norwegian missile AGM-119—also called Penguin—as well as present a new text-piece called Campaign and Tragedy, which sheds some light on Brkic’s background as a copywriter.

Join us to see and hear about the wide range of research material the artist has been looking into, and get a detailed guided tour through the three spatial installations that make up Fire and Forget while UKS serves Virgin Marys and coffee. The presentation will wrap up with audience questions.

The exhibition is open during our regular weekend opening hours (including the time of the talk): Sat – Sun, 12–5pm.


*Image material: Mikael Brkic

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