8 – 24 January 2013


ART ART HISTORY HISTORY AGAIN AGAIN is an open forum for dialectical discussion and interpretation of the historical preconditions for art. During this forum we will develop our main tool; a timeline that will manifest the discussed history. In the form of a classical symposium the participants are encouraged to actively involve themselves in the material as well as additional resources available at UKS. With the idea of man’s separation from nature, through the Dionysian return via utopian ecstasy, and up to heroic materialism, we will present an eclectic array of narratives and action.

Covering 202 013 years, the symposium will be held over three weeks, and culminates in an exhibition Thursday January the 24th at UKS. The participants are then assigned to unique artistic eras that they will interpret, both conceptually and stylistically.

Silenus claimed that “It is best not to be born, second best to die young”. Let’s rephrase this to “best is not knowing anything, second best is it to know it all“.

Welcome to the opening of ART ART HISTORY HISTORY AGAIN AGAIN Thursday January 24th at 7.00pm in the main hall of UKS.

Gesticulators: Vilde von Krogh, Mikael D. Brkic, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas

A film program put together by the gesticulators will be shown in relation to the discussed topics.

ART ART HISTORY HISTORY AGAIN AGAIN is initiated by Prosjektskolen AS in conjunction with UKS. www.prosjektskolen.no

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