9 September – 1 October 1989

Marit Arnekleiv

In September 1989 Marit Arnekleiv made an installation in the cellar of UKS. She clothed the old stone walls with perforated steel sheeting. It was meant as the first part in an exploration of a specific material in different spaces. A questioning of the experience of space as a piece of time, as it is detached from our normal experience of time. A space can both limit, look or expand time, but this was not thought as a scenographic place where there is an action in a certain flow, but instead a place where a movement, that either stops or accelerates, created time experience. The sheets height and width: 2m x 1m.

Image: Terje Kveen, 1989.

*This information is taken from the UKS Archive (1921–1998)—part of The National Archives of Norway—which is currently accessible in full at our venue in Oslo. To review the complete list of the UKS Archive’s physical folders, please click here.

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