1 January – 31 December 1971
Mappe / Folder | Fa-L0003-7 & Za-L0026

Aina Helgesen: Kunstnerkår (Norwegian artists' economic and social situation)

Photographs and exhibition program from the exhibition “Kunstnerkår” in 1971. In 1970, the MBA (Master in Business Administration) Aina Helgesen made a national survey of artists’ demographic data from around the country for the Norwegian Institute for Social Research. The charts show Norwegian artists’ economic and social situation.


*This information is taken from the UKS Archive (1921–1998), accessible in full at our venue in Oslo. To review the Archive’s complete list of physical folders—containing newspaper clippings, correspondence, contracts, and ephemera—please click here.

The UKS Archive is part of The National Archives of Norway.

Documents from the exhibition “Kunstnerkår,” UKS Archive, 1971

Images from the exhibition “Kunstnerkår,” UKS Archive, 1971

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