1 January 1936 – 31 December 1966

Kunst for Varer

In 1936, UKS initiated a new program strand Kunst for Varer (art in exchange for commodities). The concept was inspired by the Norwegian gallerist Harald Holst Halvorsen who had adopted the format from Copenhagen where it was originally formulated in 1924 by painter Aage Berthelsen. According to its directory Kunst for Varer at UKS was an “exchange” or “bazaar” promoting the sales of artworks by UKS members. As a reoccurring program strand, it invited audiences to trade an object or good for an artwork. The artworks in the program were chosen by a jury elected during UKS’ annual general assembly. One condition for artworks to be juried was that the artist had paid the yearly membership fee. This “exchange” helped many artists in the Norwegian capital. Local media often reported on quirky swaps taking place and frequently interviewed UKS former secretary Ingse Kaarsberg about the operations and management of Kunst for Varer.

From folder | Za-L0009

*This information is taken from the UKS Archive (1921–1998)—part of The National Archives of Norway—which is currently accessible in full at our venue in Oslo. To review the complete list of the UKS Archive’s physical folders, please click here.


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