1 January 1936 – 31 December 1937

Union event
Conflict between UKS and Oslo Kunstforeningen

“U.K.S. Goods’ exchange is placed in a set of miserable spaces”

In 1936, Oslo municipality demanded that Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo Art Association) would let UKS dispose of two smaller spaces at venue of Kunstforerningen in Rådhusgate 19 (also called Granisonsykehuset, having previously been a hospital). Finding out that the allocated spaces were completely useless for to host the Kunst for varer-exhibition, this spurred a larger conflict. UKS described the spaces as “so low-ceiled that one can touch the roof” and further “as little bright as possibly imaginable “. UKS submitted a complaint against Kunstforeningen, without any positive outcome. On May 24, 1937, UKS members even announced to be ready to boycott exhibiting at Kunstforeningen if the UKS board would deem it necessary as a means in the conflict.

From folder | Aa-L0001

*This information is taken from the UKS Archive (1921–1998)—part of The National Archives of Norway—which is currently accessible in full at our venue in Oslo. To review the complete list of the UKS Archive’s physical folders, please click here.


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