Coca-Donald Samfunn — Ikke ta meg

Four newspaper clippings from 1969 by Norwegian press covering Willi Storn’s controversial installation at UKS: Coca-Donald Samfunn – Ikke ta meg (Coca-Donald Society – Do not take me). In 1969, UKS had become a platform for experimental art, presenting artists such as Willi Storn. Storn’s exhibition Coca-Donald Samfunn – Ikke ta meg was an open critique of American consumer society. The work constituting the exhibition is considered one of the first installation pieces shown in Norway.

From folder | Za-L0012

*This information is taken from the UKS Archive (1921–1998)—part of The National Archives of Norway—which is currently accessible in full at our venue in Oslo. To review the complete list of the UKS Archive’s physical folders, please click here.


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