16 March 2006


As part of the series Celluloid2006, Atopia presents in collaboration with UKS, the first-ever Norwegian screening of Line Describing a Cone, the legendary ‘solid flight’ film by Anthony McCall.

“Line Describing a Cone is what I term a solid light film. It is dealing with the project light beam itself, rather than treating the light beam as a mere carrier of coded information, which is decoded when it strikes a flat surface (the screen). The film exists only in the present: the moment of projection. It refers to nothing beyond this real-time. The form of attention required on the part of the viewer is unprecedented. No longer is one viewing position as good as any other. For this film, every viewing position presents a different aspect. The viewer, therefore, has a participatory role in apprehending the event: he or she can – indeed needs to – move around, relative to the emerging light-form.”
(Anthony McCall, 1973)

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