18 January – 17 February 2008


Gorm Heen
Narve Hovdenakk
Sigbjørn Bratlie & Arne Langleite
Kristian Skylstad
Arne Vinnem

All Apologies is a group exhibition challenging the role of men, masculine stereotypes, self- image, and ideals. The exhibition comments the current discussions on men as the new losers in light of the contemporary role of the sexes. All apologies is at the same time a critical and humourous interjection into the medias special role in debates about the roles of the sexes in today ́s society. We have strong perceptions about what is male and female; what is understood as masculine and feminine will, in most cases, be traditionally rooted. The works in the exhibition adapt and play with the media’s and popular culture’s own languages and tools. At the same time, it illuminates themes such as alienisation and marginalisation, sexuality and notions of shame, aggression and revenge, greed and violence and not in the least misunderstandings.
Curator: Helga Marie Nordby

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