31 May – 30 June 2002


“Alexander Gutke (SE) presents two video loops and a model of a pavilion built in plexiglass. The video “Transition (A 1978 Pontiac Firebird driving through a Forest of Pine Trees)” shows the landscape along a Swedish country road reflected in the car’s paint. “Untitled, to be continued” consists of a deserted country road where a car disappears in the horizon, reminiscent of Hollywood movies where the hero and his girl always gets away in the end. The pavilion model, “Proposal for a Turning Point”, challenges the idea of immortality connected to building public monuments.

Tine Aamodt presents a wall painting, its motif consisting of silhouettes of different furniture. The arrangement does not conform to the room’s corners which creates confusion and decomposition of the boundaries of space. The painting’s materiality is further compromised by the furniture’s appearance as being both represented and mere shadows. Together with a slideshow of a young calf’s last moments before slaughter, Aamodt’s installation tells of transience and historicity.”

Trude Iversen

[excerpt, translated]

Gutke_&_Aamodt_2002_Production.zip (0.4mb)
Gutke_&_Aamodt_2002_Press.zip (1.1mb)

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