11 January, 2018
Doors open at 8pm


Please join us as UKS #6 MINIBAR hosts BOB’s YOUR UNCLE, where—via a five-drink menu—you will be walked through this infamous Amsterdam hub and revive, drink by drink, its most eventful evenings.

Performance by Nora Turato (CR) will happen unannounced.

Serving, in chronological order: Mini Pizzas, one shot of Wynand Fockink jenever, Amateurs Delight, The Last Word, Ouroborus Liliacea, and dessert.

To attend and enjoy the full menu, reserve your seat at the latest by 10 January via: info@uks.no! Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis.

BOB’s YOUR UNCLE (BYU) was a speak-easy type bar, designed by Robert Wilhite (USA) and initiated by Maxine Kopsa (CA/NL), located in the backstage of the Dutch non-profit Kunstverein. Between 2014 and 2016, the bar worked not only as a platform for performative experimentation but also as social glue for the broad mix of Kunstverein attendees. On a standard evening you would find students sipping cocktails next to museum directors, curators, and writers, or salesmen from the nearby market. BYU was the kind of place that vanished in thin air once it reached your ear—by word of mouth—perhaps because on many an evening people could hardly find their way home, let alone back. We welcome you now at UKS to revive the BYU notoriety.

Images from UKS #6 MINIBAR with BOB’s YOUR UNCLE. Photo: Jan Khür

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