Tuesday 12 December
Doors open at 8pm

CLUB LIAR by Agatha Wara

As we get closer to Christmas, the time of the year when Santa judges our (good) deeds, MINIBAR #5—CLUB LIAR—asks if you’ve been naughty or nice.

To make yourself up is to tell stories; to narrate is to fictionalize; to fictionalize is to lie. To wear make up is to become the fictionalized image of your own imagination.

A night of beauty, cocktails, music, and deliberate and stylized lies, CLUB LIAR invites you to become that image. In an environment of 1980s club lounging, fog and red light, you are offered hair styling, make-up, and of course, nail ornamentation, mastered by a series of multi-talented agents from the local art and fashion community. Lying is hard because you need to make up the lies. That’s extra work. “You’re born naked and the rest is a lie”, says Wara riffing on the famous quote by RuPaul.

Now, get yourself to UKS, get to work, lie to your loved ones, and raise a toast with us to Christmas!

Conceptualized by artist and beauty connoisseur, curator, and occasional MINIBAR coordinator Agatha Wara, this evening takes a cue from New York’s legendary ballroom scene of the 1980s and 1990s, inviting a series of hosts to take us all through the night, helping good vibes, glitz and color to flow as they should.

Hosted by:
Admir Batlak
Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
Constance Tenvik
Elise By Olsen
Geir Haraldseth
Gilda Axelroud
Goro Tronsmo
Ida Eritsland
Inti Wang
Marthe Ramm Fortun
Matias Kiil Halvorsen
Marthe Elise Stramrud
Ragna Bley
Stina Högkvist
Synnøve Mo
Urd J. Pedersen
Victoria Duffee

☛Make-up strategy by Liam Seeland
☛Hair strategy by Annette Kvithyll (PURPURRPURPLE)
☛Nail strategy by Agatha Wara with Inti Wang
☛Music strategy by CLUB LIAR resident DJ NEPTUNO (ONKO)
☛Social Media strategy by Pauline Krokeide

Images from UKS #5 MINIBAR with CLUB LIAR by Agatha Wara. Photo: Jan Khür

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