19 September 2022, 10:00am
Hulias, Oslo


Considering collegial exchange, informal learning and attempts at friendship as a fundamental part of our remit, UKS is pleased to present HOW TO PRACTICE?, our popular walk-in workshop! Rotating local and international practitioners in the cultural field teach their particular version of this essential question, serving up their tricks and toolboxes, fears and desires, Excel sheets or yoga positions as UKS serves free coffee.

Starting off the workweek on occasional Mondays at 10am, this season’s HOW TO PRACTICE? is kindly hosted by artist-run gallery Hulias, Kunstnerforbundet and BO – Billedkunstnerne i Oslo, while UKS’ new location is closed for renovation.


#39 HOW TO PRACTICE? features curator and critic MAX HANNUS at Hulias.

Max Hannus is pretty good at giving relationship advice, if they do say so themselves. In this special UKS ‘Agony Aunt’ session, Max addresses the burning questions of how to integrate what we have learned from non-monogamous relationship practices into the curatorial realm. What can ethical non-monogamy teach us about good relating? How can we use these learnings in collegial relationships and artistic practices? Bring along your biggest relationship dilemmas and Max will kindly advise.

Max Hannus (b. 1984, FI) is a curator and writer based in Helsinki working in the intersections of sexual/romantic relationships and art making. Hannus’ practice is autobiographic, and they work with different forms of writing: mundane, unpretentious, blunt – always searching for (queer) love.


The event is spoken in English. Hulias is located in a basement with heavy reverberation. We will do our best to find a good spot to talk, but please be aware that acoustics might be challenging. Unfortunately, this event is not wheelchair accessible, but the talk will be live-streamed via YouTube here.

Hannus’ visit to Oslo is made possible by Oslo Art Weekend.

*Image: Max Hannus. Photo by Venla Helenius.

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