9 December 2019, 10:00am


Considering collegial exchange, informal peer-to-peer/practice-to-practice learning, and attempts at friendship as a fundamental part of our remit, UKS presents the weekly walk-in-workshop: HOW TO PRACTICE?

For UKS’ 29th walk-in-workshop, on Monday, 9 December at 10am, Oslo-based artist duo MARTINKA BOBRIKOVA & OSCAR DE CARMEN will initiate a conversation about their shared practice. Since 2005 Bobrikova & de Carmen have been working together on different community-based projects with the aim to create new forms of social ecosystems. As a part of this on-going project, they developed the Nomad AiR residency program focusing on alternative models for artists in residency. More recently, they co-founded the project Future Utopia Community Key—within which they organize an annual anti-symposium IECES (International Encounters of Community and Environmental Sociology). At UKS they will open up a conversation with questions such as: How did they meet? How to share both failures and successes? Or sometimes even sharing the artist fee, a bed, and their travelling ticket?

NB: This is the final HOW TO PRACTICE? workshop before UKS closes for de-installation and holidays on 15 December—the last day of Victoria Pihl Lind’s solo exhibition To Be Born Is Like This.


Need a way to start your week? Join the ongoing program raising questions of working rhythms, trauma, truisms, privilege, priorities, refusal, risk, collaboration, honesty, joy, embarrassment, pretension, blockages, blind spots, sleep, craft, dignity, conspiracy, accounting, body, theory, bureaucracy, ex-and-inclusion, collectivity, exhibitionism, how to take time off and how not to, professionalization, performance, and pace.


* Image material: Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar De Carmen, Outsider in the North, 2018. Photo by Linnéa M.F Larsson


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