9 September 2019, 10:00am

PRAKSIS Development Forum (PDF)

Considering collegial exchange, informal peer-to-peer/practice-to-practice learning, and attempts at friendship as a fundamental part of our remit, UKS presents the weekly walk-in-workshop: HOW TO PRACTICE?

Starting off the workweek every Monday morning at 10am, rotating local and international practitioners in the cultural field teach their conspicuous version of this essential question, serving up their tricks and toolboxes, fears and desires, excel sheets, or yoga positions as UKS serves free coffee.

For the nineteenth walk-in-workshop, on Monday, 9 September at 10am, UKS has invited PRAKSIS Development Forum (PDF) to flip the format around by inviting the audience to present their practices in a group-sharing format. This iteration crosses the barrier between institutional islands and artistic isolation, opening a door for dialogue and interaction between friends and strangers. We ask you to bring an object, idea, or topic of discussion that represents what you are working on right now. Please be prepared to share and engage with others!

#19 HOW TO PRACTICE? will be moderated by Sayed Sattar Hasan (PRAKSIS) and Rodrigo Ghattas (UKS), who will be on-hand to make sure all participants have an equal amount of time to present their work and ideas. The event is not a formal group critique, but encourages a non-hierarchical approach for an informal discussion. Emphasis is placed on process-oriented thoughts, so please do not bring finished works or projects.

PDF is a monthly discussion group run by practicing artist Sayed Sattar Hasan and forms part of PRAKSIS’s public program. Outside his immediate practice, Hasan is interested in creating meeting points where artists can talk openly about their practices and learn about the work and artistic processes of others.


Need a way to start your week? Join the ongoing program raising questions of trauma, truisms, privilege, priorities, refusal, risk, collaboration, honesty, embarrassment, pretension, working rhythms, blockages, blind spots, sleep, craft, dignity, conspiracy, accounting, body, theory, bureaucracy, ex-and-inclusion, collectivity, how to take time off and how not to, professionalization, performance, and pace.


*Image material: Sayed Sattar Hasan


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