2 September 2019, 10:00am


Considering collegial exchange, informal peer-to-peer/practice-to-practice learning, and attempts at friendship as a fundamental part of our remit, UKS presents the weekly walk-in-workshop: HOW TO PRACTICE?

Starting off the workweek every Monday morning at 10am, rotating local and international practitioners in the cultural field teach their conspicuous version of this essential question—HOW TO PRACTICE?—serving up their tricks and toolboxes, fears and desires, excel sheets, or yoga positions as UKS serves free coffee.

For UKS’ eighteenth walk-in-workshop, on Monday, 2 September at 10am, Oslo-based urban consultant-activist and independent agent on the cultural field OLE PEDERSEN (b. 1974) will initiate a conversation about the city and its development. Who owns the city? And what role should art and culture have within the urban sphere? Pedersen will approach such queries from the perspective of his experience working on democratising urban development.

Pedersen has an interdisciplinary masters degree in Society, Science, and Technology in Europe from the Universities of Oslo and Maastricht, focusing on ecological economy and innovation. He is a social entrepreneur at Nedenfra Ideelt AS, working on promoting democratic and sustainable urban development.

Pedersen has a special interest in the role of art and culture in city development and was the co-founder of the Oslo nightclubs/bars Taxi Take Away and Maksitaksi. Pedersen is chair and co-founder of Tøyen Boligbyggelag, deputy chair at Kulturhuset Hausmania, and is also working with Norges Sosiale Forum and Karlsøyfestivalen in Nord-Troms.


Need a way to start your week? Join the ongoing program raising questions of trauma, truisms, privilege, priorities, refusal, risk, collaboration, honesty, embarrassment, pretension, working rhythms, blockages, blind spots, sleep, craft, dignity, conspiracy, accounting, body, theory, bureaucracy, ex-and-inclusion, collectivity, how to take time off and how not to, professionalization, performance, and pace.


* Image material: Ole Pedersen / Ross Barlow / Ranja Haugen

Please contact info@uks.no if you wish to receive an audio recording of the presentation.

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