11 October 2018, 1:00pm


Thursday, 11 October, 1–3pm
Followed by a performance by Nora Turato at 3pm
UKS, St. Olavs gate 3

The network of art institutions in Oslo, Curator Jour Fixe, cordially invites you to the launch of the book I skvis – Om mellomsjiktet i kunstbyen Oslo, hosted by UKS’ MINIBAR, Thursday 11 October, 1–3 pm.


The launch will be accompanied by a panel discussion (in Norwegian) with:
Rina Mariann Hansen (Vice Mayor for Culture and Sports in Oslo)
Ruben Steinum (UKS’ Chair)
Emil Flatø (journalist/writer)
Espen Røysland (founding member of the working group Kreativt Naboskap and Director of 0047)
– moderated by Natalie Hope O’Donnell (Chair of the Norwegian Association of Curators)

In what ways will the new museum infrastructure, currently being built in Oslo, change the city’s cultural scene? Will funding from the City of Oslo be (re)directed towards overhead and operational costs for these institutions at the expense of small and medium-sized art institutions? Large-scale institutions will certainly increase the visibility of contemporary art in Oslo, but will they contribute to nurturing a thriving art scene in the city? An art plan for the City of Oslo is currently in the making, and should ensure that the conditions for art production are safeguarded and that the small to medium-sized institutions are supported in order to provide ambitious and critical contemporary art for the city’s inhabitants. Over the last few years, several art organizations in Oslo have come together as part of Curator Jour Fixe to ensure that the artist’s role and place within this rapidly developing city are secured through access to studios, workshops, and spaces for public display.


I skvis centers on the role of medium-sized non-profit spaces for contemporary art in Oslo. Commissioned by Curator Jour Fixe and published by OK BOOK (Oslo Kunstforening), I skvis is available in Norwegian. The publication comprises a report written by Emil Flatø with additional reflections by Ruben Steinum, Monica Holmen (project coordinator and curator at Akershus Kunstsenter), Runa Carlsen (visual artist), and Marianne Hultman (editor of the publication and director of Oslo Kunstforening).


* Special launch price: 100 NOK (ordinary price: 150 NOK) *

Images from UKS’ #14 MINIBAR  

Video documentation / Videodokumentasjon "I skvis"

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