6 May 2019, 10:00am


Considering collegial exchange, informal peer-to-peer/practice-to-practice learning, and attempts at friendship as a fundamental part of our remit, UKS presents the weekly walk-in-workshop: HOW TO PRACTICE?

Starting off the workweek every Monday morning at 10am, rotating local and international artists teach their conspicuous version of this essential question—HOW TO PRACTICE?—serving up their tricks and toolboxes, angry birds, excel, or yoga as UKS serves free coffee.

For UKS’ elleventh walk-in-workshop, on Monday, 6 May at 10am Oslo-based artists SIRI HJORTH (b. 1986) & SEBASTIAN MAKONNEN KJØLAAS (b. 1985) will talk about accomplishing high performance and premium, award-winning artworks that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable.

Hjorth & Kjølaas have been working collectively on a series of artistic projects since 2009, and got married in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo in 2016. Together with Marianne Bredesen, they have developed the world’s largest monument for the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein as part of the project Wittgenstein on Vacation (2015 – 2019). Hjorth & Kjølaas recently participated in the group exhibition Machines a penser at Fondazione Prada, Venice, and they have mounted duo shows including Eggs for Breakfast at Sandefjord Kunstforening, My Zeitgeist Hurts at Kunstplass Oslo, On Dry Things at Trondheim Kunstforening, and The Institute of Art and Crime at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Both Hjorth & Kjølaas hold positions at the experimental art school Prosjektskolen in Oslo and together they have initiated the artist-run spaces INHABIL (2018 – ), SALT (2011–2013), and GAGO (2009 – 2011).


Need a way to start your week? Join the ongoing program raising questions of trauma, truisms, privilege, priorities, refusal, collaboration, honesty, pretension, working rhythms, blockages, blind spots, sleep, craft, dignity, conspiracy, accounting, body, theory, bureaucracy, ex-and-inclusion, collectivity, how to take time off and how not to, professionalization, performance, and pace.

Images form #11 HOW TO PRACTICE? feat. Siri Hjorth & Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas. All photos by Jan Khür

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