9 November 2012


In a series of informal events, Mikael D. Brkic gathers temporary visitors and local voices together in informal constellations to reflect and elaborate on relevant topics.

In this second edition Lindsay Lawson, one of the initiators of Times Bar, Berlin and Esperanza Rosales founder of VI, VII, Oslo join in for a discussion about possible “alternative” structures for mediation of contemporary art.

Times Bar was located in Hermannstrasse 16, Neukölln, Berlin. As a short-lived phenomena lasting between July 1, 2001-September 7, 2012 it is both famous and infamous. The bi-monthly “hanging” of a single work of art behind the bar served as an exhibition format for young, emerging to mid-career artists in and around Berlin.

The newly opened VI, VII is a gallery and exhibition space that represents international artists, but withdraws from obvious categorization, refusing to be trapped in a particular format.

Times Bar primarily attracted a vast ex-pat audience and the current location of VI, VII unavoidably raises questions of involvement in gentrification – is this a relevant critique today or has the idea of negotiating the institution lost much of its validity?

Doors open 5 pm.

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