24 August 2012


In a series of informal events, our new member of staff Mikael D. Brkic gathers temporary visitors and local voices together in informal constellations to reflect and elaborate on relevant topics.

The first event covers topics located within and between art and fashion. Agatha Wara gives a presentation based on her text What Does Nike Want?, suggesting a new approach to art criticism that is underpinned by materialist philosophy, taking cues from advertising and brand-culture. With the Swiss Masai shoe as an example Ragnhild Brochmann talks about the classical dichotomy of form and content. Halvor Rønning introduces us to his practice and talks about how he arrived at appropriating brands in his work. With this as a backdrop, Ida Eritsland moderates a conversation between the participants and audience.


001_2012_Documentation.zip (33.4mb)
001_2012_Production.zip (0.1mb)

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