28 September 2021


The UKS Action Plan for Equity is a working document for the board and director at UKS. The document is based on the organization’s principles, five-year strategic plan, and annual action plan. The Action Plan for Equity describes goals and plans for working for equal and equitable opportunity at UKS.

The board will report on the work for equity to the annual general assembly. The document will be revised yearly by the board at their meeting after the annual general assembly.



UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund/Young Artists’ Society) works to ensure equal access, equal opportunity, and equity for all artists, irrespective of their economic, social, or cultural background. At the annual general meeting in 2020, equity was incorporated into the UKS principles, under point 3: UKS shall, as a political entity, promote the ideal principles of the arts, including equity, artistic cooperation, and solidarity.


UKS advances equity by working to:

  • Contribute to inclusion and equity in the Norwegian arts scene
  • Contribute to increased access to the profession of artist for all groups in society
  • Collect and develop relevant knowledge to inform the organization’s political work
  • Share information and knowledge with relevant organizations and collaborators
  • Publicly inform and make visible the work in this field


UKS Action Plan for Equity



1. UKS as a professional membership organization


a. UKS shall work to establish an advisory group consisting of relevant organizations and collaborators

b. UKS shall work to increase the understanding of democratic processes, organizing, and politics in higher art education

c. UKS shall work towards broad recruitment to elected positions by offering workshops to members on being a representative on boards, juries, committees, and more

d. UKS may forward reports of official complaints on behalf of members, according to UKS’ reporting procedures


2. UKS as a community


a. UKS shall facilitate safe and inclusive public events by regularly revising, updating, and enforcing the ethical guidelines for public events

b. The procedures for making official complaints shall be accessible and communicated clearly, both inside and outside the organization


3. UKS as an exhibition space


a. UKS shall work to increase the accessibility of the gallery space, both by physical accommodations and through clear and appropriate communication

b. UKS shall work towards diversity in its programming

c. UKS shall work towards universal accessibility on the organization’s digital platforms

d. UKS shall issue the yearly Open Call in Norwegian, English, and Sámi

e. UKS will offer a care rider whereby exhibiting artists and collaborators can describe their own needs

f. UKS shall publish an access note that describes what to expect when visiting UKS

g. UKS shall have an accessibility contact with knowledge of the program, the premises, and the art field, who can be contacted by mail or phone


4. UKS as an organization and workplace


a. UKS shall organize training in equal opportunities for everyone in elected positions in the organization

b. UKS shall support and collaborate with initiatives for a more inclusive working environment, such as Key to the City

c. UKS shall offer the elected safety representative courses in HR, occupational safety and health, and reporting guidelines for staff

d. UKS shall develop ethical guidelines for staff and people in elected positions

e. UKS shall develop tools that make it easier for staff to establish and communicate boundaries to exhibiting artists and visitors. Procedures and roadmaps shall give clear indications of responsibility and inform about channels for reporting

f. UKS shall account for measures for increased accessibility and equity in its yearly budget management




* Image: Slogan on wall from ca. 1980-83, unknown location. From Oslo Museum (image is cropped). Photo: Gard Espeland. 

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